Arugam Bay

Lovely Arugam Bay, a moon-shaped curl of soft sand, is home to a famed point break that many
regard as the best surf spot in the country. It’s a tiny place, with a population of a few hundred,
and everything is dotted along a single road which parallels the coast.
If you’re not a surfer, there are plenty of other draws: beachfront guesthouses, oceanside
restaurants and a mellow, swing-another-day-in-a-hammock kind of vibe that’s totally removed
from the brash west-coast beach resorts. Arugam Bay also makes a great base for several
adventures in the surrounding hinterland. During the low season (November to April) things get
extremely quiet and many places close altogether, but it can also be a serene time to visit, with
few tourists and verdant landscapes.

Things to do in Arugam Bay :

1. Arugam bay surfing :  Arugam Bay is one of the world’s top surfing destinations, so if you go all the way out there and
don’t at least try to go surfing — then you’ve made a huge mistake. There are three main surfing
spots to choose from:

  • Main Point:
    This is the surf spot actually located in Arugam Bay.  Every morning you’ll see dozens of
    surfers out there catching some quality waves.  This is recommended more for intermediate to
    advanced surfers.
  • Whiskey Point:
    About a 15 minute drive from Arugam Bay is this famous surf spot.  It’s a really beautiful beach
    as well, and can provide some excellent waves for beginner surfers.  You’ll also notice heaps of
    people on surfing lessons.
  • Peanut Farm:
    About 25 minutes from Arugam Bay is this awesome tucked away beach / surf spot.  Very
    popular, and highly recommend.

2. Yoga: Usually surfing destinations always seem to be yoga destinations as well, and Arugam Bay is no
exception.  When you’re walking up and down the main street, you’ll see that there are tons of
yoga places.  It’s a great way to start the day, get some exercise, and relax a bit.

3. Rent a moto & explore: This is one of favorite things to do while traveling around Asia.  You would love the feeling you
get when you’re exploring on a scooter.  The roads around Arugam Bay are excellent, and
there’s some really beautiful stuff to see. Our advice would just be to drive down Panama &
Kumana National Park.

4. Beach days: Arugam Bay is a beautiful and long beach that is perfect just to chill at all day.  Grab a book, a
fresh coconut, and a towel — you’re not going to want to move.  Take a dip in the ocean, play
some beach volleyball, or just work on your tan.

5. Explore panama tank: Driving through the Panama Tank on a moto is an absolute must.  It’s a short 15-20 minute ride
from Arugam Bay, and there’s basically just one path to drive along and explore.  The landscape
is stunning and perfect for taking photos, and you’ll probably see a few crocodiles.

6. Kumana national park: You’ll see signs all over Arugam Bay for booking a Kumana safari.  This is in Yala East, so
it’s definitely recommended if you haven’t done any safaris in Sri Lanka.  You’ll see heaps
of elephants, and if you’re lucky can spot a leopard.  Sri Lankan is known for having
beautiful and great safari experiences, so definitely look into it.

7. Whiskey point Friday nights & Mambo’s Saturday nights: Arugam Bay is also the main party destination in Sri Lanka, and Friday nights at Whiskey Point should not be missed. The legendary weekly beach party at Mambos’ is an absolute must for anyone visiting Arugam Bay.  Beautiful people at a beautiful location, great music, and lots of dancing.  Once the arrack starts pouring, you’ll be glad you went.

8. Dinners at beach hut: There are plenty of beach huts with delicious food platters which are so cheap. You will
definetely enjoy their sea food prepared in Sri Lankan style. It is all worth to experience!!

9. Absolutely nothing: Arugam Bay is the perfect destination to lose track of time, and fall into the traveling mentality.
Lie in a hammock, read, take naps on the beach, and enjoy the simplicity of A-Bay.