In recent years, Ella’s popularity has soared and the town’s attractiveness has been somewhat compromised by some multi storey concrete eyesores.


Ella Sri Lanka is a must do on any Sri Lanka itinerary which is everyone’s favourite hill-country village, and the place to ease off the travel accelerator with a few leisurely days resting in your choice of some of the country’s best guesthouses. The views through Ella Gap are stunning, and on a clear night you can even spy the subtle glow of the Great Basses lighthouse on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Don’t be too laid-back though; definitely make time for easygoing walks through tea plantations to temples, waterfalls and viewpoints. After building up a hiking-inspired appetite, look forward to Sri Lanka’s best home-cooked food and a reviving cuppa.

Transport to Ella:

Getting to Ella is very easy. You can book the train from Kandy to Ella and enjoy the wonderful train ride. On mumuholidays you will find more information on where to buy these tickets. To continu your journey through Sri Lanka, we have multiple routes from Ella. We provide transportation with our mini busses and shuttles to Mirissa, Galle, Hikkaduwa. Our site has an easy booking system for your convenience or contact us on whatsapp +94773166838 or info@srilankashuttle.com

Things to do at Ella:

  • Ella Rock Sri Lanka:

This trek to Ella Rock is a lovely easy hike. It roughly takes around two hours to get to Ella Rock but it took us a bit longer as we kept stopping to admire the scenery or to chat to locals. The trek is roughly 8km so make sure you take water with you. Part of the trek is along rail tracks making it feel very adventurous, especially when you hear the train coming!

  • Trek to the Ravana Falls (Ella Waterfall):

Ella Waterfall (Ravana Falls)will be the most memorable moments of your journey. The scenery along the way was jaw-dropping.  Admiring  the view and listening to the powerful water cascade over the edge is a must that you should do. You can also swim at Ella Waterfall. The weather in the highlands is a lot cooler than the coastal areas  but, What is better than feeling the cool at the foot of some waterfalls? 

  • Trek to Little Adam’s Peak:

This a beautiful trek that takes around 2/3 hours depending on how many times you stop for photos. This is the most popular trek in the area so expect to bump into fellow travellers you met in the bars the night before. Unlike the trek, to Ella Rock, the trek to Little Adams Peak is clearly signposted. Look for the signs to the 98 acres Ella and you are on the right path. You will pass some lush tea plantations on the way and if you are lucky bump into the tea pickers.

  • Tea Factory Ella:

Another popular thing to do in Ella is visiting a Tea Plantation. There are a few just outside of Ella Town, the most popular ones being Halpewatte Tea Factory, AMBA Estate Ecological Tea Plantation and Dambethenne Tea Factory. The latter is close to the famous Lipton Seat viewpoint and was built by the Scottish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton in 1890.

  • Nine Arch Bridge Ella:

The Nine Arch bridge in Ella is a beautiful construction set in even more impressive surroundings and is well worth a visit if you are in Ella. Speciality here is that the bridge was built by local talented craftsmen using only stone bricks and cement. The Nine Arch bridge can be reached via a 200 rupee taxi ride from Ella town or a 30-minute walk through vegetation and tea plantations. If you visit the 9 arch bridge at sunrise you’re likely to be alone or at least in the company of very few tourists. You can also time your visit to see a train passing over – we saw a train at 11 am.

  • Hotel and Ella restaurants:

Ella town is a one street town that has enough options to keep the intrepid traveller happy for a few days. The food is a mix of international and Sri Lankan and they make wicked cocktails. It is a great place to meet fellow travellers or just sit back and listen to the good music they play every night. And also you can find good spa centers which would give you a relaxed time along with beautiful scenaries

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